The Popularity of Coffee and Coffeemakers

Caffeine-containing drinks are arguably the most consumed beverages worldwide. The popularity of these drinks, such as espresso, is so great that over 2.25 billion cups of this drink is consumed on a daily basis by individuals throughout the world.


Source of the Perfect Cup of Java

Coffee-producing plants are found in the genus Coffea, which is found in two variants worldwide. The beans of these plants are roasted in order to create that perfect cup of Joe. Coffea plants are generally found in South America, Southeast Asia and some countries in Africa. The world leader in providing beans from these coffee-producing plants is Brazil, dominating almost 1/3 of the market share worldwide. Depending on the altitude, humidity and temperature where these coffee-producing plants are grown, the products may end up bitterer or have a bolder taste. A major factor affecting the taste of the final drink is the roasting process which the beans have undergone.

Caffeine Fix from Your Favorite Café

Because of the popularity of these caffeine-based drinks, coffeehouses have been proliferating worldwide. Starbucks is the world’s leading coffeehouse chain with a net income of more than $1.30 billion in 2012. The domination of these espresso-based and caffeine-based drinks is certainly still on the rise. Recently, Starbucks has established its market in India, currently one of the biggest markets today. However, choosing to by café-made drinks on a daily basis may not be economical to individuals. As a cup of these café-based drinks cost around $4, many individuals are choosing to invest on coffeemakers in order to get their caffeine fixes at a cheaper price.

Home-based Cafes

Owing to the popularity and the increasing demands for caffeine products, the sales of coffee machine makers is on the rise. With the innovation of pods containing café-blended drinks, people can enjoy their cappuccinos and espressos at the comfort of their own homes. While currently there is no dominant player in the market for these coffeemakers, one of the most popular brands is Keurig. The products of this brand allows for great convenience, similar to those produced by coffeehouses without the high price to pay. If you would like more details about the Keurig brand, and in particular their k-cup range, check out this site for more information. As this brand gains growth in the multi-billion industry of caffeine production, it has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Other popular competitors in the coffeemaker industry are Nespresso, Tassimo and Bunn. Similarly, multinational coffeehouses are similarly producing similar devices, allowing for them to compete as well in this newly-rising industry.

Caffeine Fix Wherever

Caffeine is indeed one of the most popularly consumed drugs worldwide. It is foreseen that the industry of coffee-production will continue to increase due to the entry of various new producers of beans, like Vietnam. People who drink coffees or cups of Joe on a daily basis continue to drink due to the stimulating effects caffeine-based drinks bring. In this light, these drinks must be consumed in moderation to help avoid the adverse effects of caffeine poisoning. However, when drank in moderation, these drinks can help in lowering the risk of various diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

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