Five Reasons to Buy Espresso Machine

The idea to buy espresso machine is certainly the most thing that might concern you as a coffee lover. The recent advances that have occurred on home coffee machines certainly encouraged a lot of coffee drinkers to take the step towards coffee independence.

Having your own espresso machine has a lot of advantages. These advantages vary from one person to another depending on their priorities and needs. However, there are some major common needs that all coffee drinkers share. I have listed the most common needs in the this post.

Why to Buy Espresso Machine – Convenience

Convenience comes at the top of the list when you talk about getting your own coffee machine. Many people need to have their cup of coffee on the spot. They love to wake up to the fresh smell of coffee.

This is just not possible to get at any coffee shop no matter how close it is to your home.


The agony to wake up and head to your nearest coffee shop in order to satisfy your need is just disturbing. Your cup of coffee will be away from your satisfaction level.
Having your own espresso machine can eliminate this dissatisfaction. You can have your cup of coffee any time you need it.

Why to Buy Espresso Machine – Cost

The second major factor that encourages a coffee lover to have his own coffee machine is the cost factor. If you think about it, the cost of one cup of latte is $4 on average. When you have your own coffee machines the only cost that you have is the ground coffee, sugar, and milk, if you prefer your coffee with milk.

The cost of one pod of coffee goes around $0.5. Even when you add the other costs I can confidently assure you that the cost will be less than $1 for each cup of coffee. As you see, you can save more than $3 for each cup of coffee when you prepare it using your own machine.

The price of a decent espresso machine is around $150. With a simple calculation, you can find out that you can break even in just one and half month. If you have more than one cup a day, or if there are more than one coffee consumer at your household then you might make up the cost of the machine in a couple of weeks.

If you would like to some more information about the cost of coffee produced from an espresso machine, and how this compares to say buying the pack of instant or buying from your favorite local cafe, our friends over at perfect k cup have written a great article going through this in more details. You can find their article here.

Why to Buy Espresso Machine – Experimentation

From my own experience I can tell you that there are many times that I liked to try something different at my coffee shop but I forget about the whole idea out of fear that it would not taste good.

Although experimentation is a personal trait the idea to buy espresso machine will certainly encourage you to try more variations. This experimentation is also encouraged by the availability of different flavors that you can find in the coffee pods.

Why to Buy Espresso Machine – Social Need

A good coffee machine is a true life saver when you are entertaining guests. The presence of your coffee machines will not only enable you to entertain your visitors more easily, it can provide each guest with his own preferred cup of coffee.

No matter how many your visitors where, there is certainly a coffee machine that is suitable to your needs.

Why to Buy Espresso Machine – Smell of Gourmet Coffee

I had to mention this as one of the main factors. The smell of coffee acts like magic to many people, even those who do not drink coffee. There is nothing like a smell of coffee to make you home feel cozy and nice.

Like many things in life, this factor is one that cannot be evaluated in terms of money. The satisfaction that it provides you is priceless.

Many people can list much more reasons to buy espresso machine. What I mentioned in this article is considered as an encouragement to those who are thinking to get their own machine but they feel that they are on the edge.

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