How to Clean a Coffee Maker the Easy Way

If you are a coffee maker most probably one of your worries is how to clean a coffee maker. Cleaning a coffee maker should not be mission impossible; however it has become such an important issue given the amount of people who own coffee machines in their households.

Cleaning your coffee maker is not only important to keep you machine running in good shape for as long as possible. It is also imperative to have the same quality of coffee every day. Failing to do that your lovely cup of coffee will deteriorate in flavor and the whole idea of having a coffee machine will be lost. Then you will force to buy a new Expresso machine.

In this post we will discuss how to clean a coffee maker using vinegar. I like this process since vinegar is a natural ingredient that is free from chemicals. Moreover, it has special ingredients that help in removing scales and building up of minerals and oils that might be extracted when you brew different kinds of coffee beans. A great source of information is from our friends over at

Step by Step Process

As a first step you should soak the coffee pot with vinegar for 15 to 30 minutes. After that you should wash the mesh with water and soap. While doing this first step you can do some cleaning to the outer surface of your coffee maker, such as the heating element that is in the base. You should use the vinegar to clean this part as well.


Next, you should fill the coffee pot with vinegar and operate the coffee machine as you usually do when preparing your coffee. If you did not have the chance to clean the filter by this time you can do so by removing the pot from under the filtering system. This will clean the filter since the acid in the hot vinegar will remove any clogs in the filter. You might experience some bad smell from this operation but bear with it, the outcome is truly worth it.

After running the coffee machine for a full run take away the filter and rinse it with pure water. In case your machine is equipped with a mesh filter then you might find some particles coming out. These are simply coffee beans and other residues that got build up with repetitive use, these are the particles that you are trying to get rid of.

Take away the coffee pot and dispense the vinegar that is remaining in it. Rinse the coffee pot for two or three times to make sure that all the residue that came up from cleaning the coffee machine has been cleared.

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Fill the coffee pot with vinegar and do the cycle another time. A second cycle is needed because the vinegar is known to clean the residue through a chemical reaction. Since no scrubbing is involved it might be that the coffee maker is not cleaned completely. Doing the whole process a second time or even a third time will ensure that the coffee maker is clean.
After running the full cycle with vinegar two or three times run the cycle with pure and de-ionized water to ensure that the all the vinegar is washed out.

In the market you will find a lot of commercial cleaners that teaches you how to clean a coffee maker. All these products have fancy packages and guarantee that they will provide you with a complete cleanup. This is true, but what you are paying for is simply a descaling product in a nice packaging. For this reason I recommend that you use vinegar in your cleaning. Just go for the basics and disregard the expensive gimmicks.

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