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Your Brain on Coffee: How Caffeine Affects Brain Chemistry

many people wonder what coffee can make to the brain. Some doctors said coffee is good while some say it is very bad, especially for those who have certain conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and also migraines. It is important to understand the good sides and also the bad sides of such a famous drink. Here are the main characteristics of how your brain will react whenever you keep drinking in coffee.

As long as you drink moderately you will not have any issues.

Having six or even seven cups of coffee can be bad for you – just like drinking too much juice or even pop. You can stay too energetic or even experience some health issues such as headaches. However these side effects of Coffee will vary greatly from person to person, after all the body gets used to caffeine as time goes by. Having too much coffee will make you feel good and having too much coffee will have you feel bad. It is normal.

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