Top 10 Dangers of the Coffee Enema

Drinking Coffee is a good thing no doubt but For those who do not know coffee enema is a method where people insert water and a coffee solution into the colon in a single time. After the water is inserted the person has to stay on bed for a while and then later go to the toilet and get rid of the remnants. This is a famous technique, however it does have some serious risks for the health of the individual. Take a look at the top 10 dangers of attempting such technique.

  1. Severe internal burns

    People recommend that coffee enema should be done with warm coffee. It is not unheard that some people end up damaging their bodies by having hot liquid inside of them. This is impossible to avoid once you have started doing the cleanse. Make sure you go to a doctor if you believe you were burned. The person’s insides will not feel painful (since your intestines have no nerves to show pain), however people might have severe damage and internal bleeding.    For more information about this issue click over to this site:

  2. Anal tearing

    It is possible to tear the anal region and have painful experiences.

  3. Unbalanced body

    The use of coffee enemas may lead to electrolyte unbalance. The more you use the worse the situation will get.

  4. Risk of infections and bacteria

    This is a very common risk for those who attempt such technique. It is possible to insert bacteria and even get infections by inserting dirty water or even using buckets and other equipment that is not clean enough.

  5. Reusing material

    Several people already reported at hospitals with bacteria and other infections because they used the cleanse kit more than once.

  6. Decreasing your bowel strength

    Coffee enemas can decrease the strength of the bowel because it will temporarily have the muscles working for longer than they would in normal conditions.

  7. Coffee is not a miracle item

    Some people believe that coffee can save them from cancer and so on. Adding coffee and water to your anus will do nothing more than to simply have you expel the excrement that is located at the last part of your rectum and intestines.

  8. 8 Dehydration risks

    People forcefully add liquid to their bodies in order to expel excrement. This is bad because people might end up dehydrated because of constant visits to the bathroom. Forcing the visit to the bathroom can be nothing but trouble. Coffee is not a miracle.

  9. Caffeine sensitivity

    The colon absorbs things quickly therefore some people have some sort of allergy to caffeine. This can be bad and cause unpleasant reactions that need immediate medical attention.

  10. Colon and rectum inflammation

    Inserting objects and liquids are simply not correct., You anus and Colon should only expel and not receive anything inside. Coffee enemas may lead to sever inflammation and discomfort on the area.It can also effect you brain. You can find some brain damages of coffee by clicking here.

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